Passion for bread

Renard Bakery is located on the busy, cosmopolitan Fernand Cocq Square in the heart of Ixelles. The entire world passes by and many stop and sample the range of artisan sourdough breads and delicate pastries. Laurent and Sophie took over the old bakery in 2015 and “converted it into their own bread palace” (Knack Weekend). They belong to the new generation of bakers who have breathed new life into traditional bread-baking. 

'When the bread comes out of the oven, you can immediately see if it turned out right'

A lifelong love of baking plus a good dose of entrepreneurship are the basic ingredients that make up Laurent. During his childhood holidays on the coast, he would ride his bike to his uncle’s bakery. And as a student, he worked at various bakeries in Brussels and in his home town. 

your next slice is twice as nice

Laurent attended hotel and catering school, somewhat against the wishes of his parents. Yet after studying political science and earning a law degree, Laurent ultimately decided that what he really wanted to be was a baker. Of sourdough bread to be precise. The reason? It’s more difficult, more challenging. And the results are immediate: when the bread comes out of the oven, you see right away if it turned out right. Laurent studied and apprenticed in Paris, and worked in several bakeries in Belgium. A year later, he and Sophie found the perfect location in Brussels. 

'The beauty of rising bread'

Lifestyle, interior, art, fashion... Sophie enjoys all the good things in life, including the joy of a loaf of bread fresh out of the oven and the beauty of rising bread. She became infected with a love of bread-baking thanks to Laurent, the most impassioned person she’s ever met. Sophie was responsible for the tasteful decor of the shop, featuring lots of natural materials and a beautiful old baking table. A range of products are displayed on the table, including artisanal honey and pesto, homemade jam, and tea. Sophie draws just as much inspiration from international blogs as from local farmers.