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Sourdough bread: slow, slower, slowest

Sourdough bread rises slowly over 24 hours, without the addition of any other ingredients. Not only does this give it a better taste and consistency, but also makes it healthier and easier to digest. Sourdough contains more vitamins, minerals, and fibre than other types of bread. This slow method of bread-baking reflects a respect for the profession, one that is cherished by a new generation of bakers. 

Our bestsellers

  • Pain rustique: A grey sourdough bread made with stone-milled wheat flour and a dash of rye flour, with a very full taste, rich in minerals, vitamins, and fibre and with a high nutritional value. Also available with nuts, figs, and raisins on the weekend.
  • Pavé tradition: White sourdough bread that is available with olives and rosemary on the weekend.
  • Wholegrain desem bread
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Sophisticated simplicity

Simple products with integrity: a raspberry is left a raspberry. And vanilla is extracted from a vanilla pod. We use only the best products we can find: tasteful flour, real butter, and the best raw ingredients. Our speciality: croûtes, simple shortcrust pastries that are sophisticated in their simplicity.

Our bestsellers

  • Raspberry croûte: Sablé breton, a slightly saltier crust, with vanilla cream and raspberries.
  • Chocolate croûte: Shortcrust, praline feuilletine flakes and chocolate crémeux.
  • Chocolate and praline gâteau: Chocolate biscuit, dark chocolate mousse, a praline crémeux on a crispy crust.
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Made with only the very best butter

The secret behind a successful viennoiserie pastry is to use only the highest quality butter. Our specialities are almond croissants and bolus (sticky buns). These are so popular that some customers come to our shop especially for these treats. But the absolute favourites are pains au chocolat and croissants. 

Our bestsellers

  • Croissant
  • Bolus
  • Pain au chocolat
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Sandwiches & quiches

Your next slice is twice as nice

Savoury delights

Our sandwiches are made using our ‘best seller’: baguette à l’ancienne, a traditional French baguette of the highest quality. Fillings include humus, cucumbers, and courgettes for a refreshing vegetarian sandwich or as the basis for an Italian tuna sandwich. Our quiches are a popular snack and party food.

Our bestsellers

  • Tomato/mozzarella/basil quiche
  • Vegetarian sandwich: hummus/grilled courgette/tomatoes/lettuce
  • Pizza
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Homemade biscuits

Original gift idea

Shortbreads, marshmallow cakes, florentines, truffles, chocolate biscuits, gingerbread biscuits... all are made in-house using the best quality butter and ingredients. Tip: Give a gift of Renard Bakery biscuits in a basket, with a selection of homemade biscuits, jams, and quality tea. A fine taste of Belgium!

Our bestsellers:

  • Florentines
  • Marshmallow cakes
  • Almond cakes
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